It's collapsible! It's portable! It's big enough for two gallons of milk and yet fits in your purse. In celebration of 75 years in faithful service, we've commissioned the production of a tote bag to transport groceries and other objects.

The cost of the tote bag is NOW $3.50. So don't just buy one for yourself...think about friends and relatives who want to help decrease the number of paper and plastic bags in the universe.


Automatic Donation Form

To set up a recurring automatic deduction from your bank account as a regular donation to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  Deductions can be weekly, monthly or twice a month.  Please fill out the form attached and return it to the church office (by mail, in the collection plate, or in the mailbox outside the church office) along with a check with "VOID" written across the front.  Your deductions will be active within a few days of turning in your form.  Contact the church office with questions.

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