Form: Donate by Auto Deduction



To set up a recurring automatic deduction from your bank account as a regular donation to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  Deductions can be weekly, monthly or twice a month.  Please fill out the form attached and return it to the church office (by mail, in the collection plate, or in the mailbox outside the church office) along with a check with "VOID" written across the front.  Your deductions will be active within a few days of turning in your form.  Contact the church office with questions.

Benefit Concert by Oak Park Concert Chorale


April 27, 2014, 4:00pm -- Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 611 Randolph, Oak Park

Your name(s) will be added to a list at the door as paid attendees.  Ticket proceeds benefit the music program of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.




It's collapsible! It's portable! It's big enough for two gallons of milk and yet fits in your purse. In celebration of 75 years in faithful service, we've commissioned the production of a tote bag to transport groceries and other objects.

The cost of the tote bag is NOW $3.50. So don't just buy one for yourself...think about friends and relatives who want to help decrease the number of paper and plastic bags in the universe.

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